Sabotage Typecon

Sabotage Typecon: Rebranding

In this project I explore the viability of Typecon outside of the usual context of the design world. By highlighting the conference is hosted in Somalia, the power of typography is pitted against the challenges of real world conflict. I began by researching Somalia and the visual language of Typecon. My early sketches search for ways to reconcile these two conflicting visual identities.


Early in the process I realize the need to embrace this conflict. This is how I began combining low tech, messy, real-world solution with refined formal elements.
two posters reading sabotage typecon


The final solution for the posters and promotional material remain a batleground for contradictory ideas. Yet the formal elements have been resolved into a cohesive system.


Exploring the relationship between idealized design and the realities of a complicated, messy world, Sabotage Typecon poses questions that are difficult to answer.